Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun Weekend

Yesterday we took a road trip to Columbus, GA to visit some family. Zachariah had SUCH a fun time playing with his cousin, Jackson! They are only 2 months apart, so they both had the running thing down pat. It was so cute to see them running around together. They were EVERYWHERE. I was actually very shocked to see I got a picture of the two of them sitting still!

Let me just say how proud I am of my little man. He sat in a car seat for an hour and a half on the way there, he sat in a highchair at a restaurant once we arrived, he socialized with a large crowd of people all day AND he let several people hold him (which very rarely happens). All of that on no nap whatsoever (which NEVER happens. This kid loves his naps). He was a trouper throughout the whole day. No whining, complaining or attitudes were had. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

What surprised me even more, was that he fell asleep on the way home. He never falls asleep in his car seat. I don't think he has slept in the car since he was 6 months old. He slept for a solid hour too! Yet again, pleasantly surprised would best describe me.

Anyway, enough of my babble. Here are some pictures I took on the way home. I call these "the evolution of a nap". :)

the eye rub

the giraffe to the nose
(don't ask me why, but this is how he goes to sleep. he
has to put the giraffe up to his face. every. single. time.)

...and sleep finally takes over

I love pictures of him sleeping. I cant get enough of them.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!


Rachael said...

i love the pictures, that is awesome everything went so smoothly!

Lyndi Soles said...

That is great!! Grant does the same thing when he goes to sleep. He actually covers his face with his monkey blanket, and we have to cover his face at night for him to fall asleep! I wonder if it is a security "blanket" for them? Z is absolutely adorable- and such a big boy!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of him too! Love the pic of Zac and Jax. Are there more for Walmart yet? I'm assigned to get Gramma Pat some pics!!