Thursday, March 19, 2009

ABC, It's Easy As 123...

I do NOT have a creative bone in my body. If I do anything that is considered creative, I probably taken/borrowed the idea from someone else. That being said, I got the following craft idea from this website. You should go check it out. This mom of two has some pretty darn good craft ideas! (thanks for the website, Jamie!)

I finished making a custom alphabet book for Zachariah this weekend, and I was quite pleased with the results! (Save the chicken scratch handwriting.) I basically went around the house and took pictures of different things that Zachariah is familiar with. One for each letter of the alphabet. Then I slapped the pictures on some construction paper, added the appropriate letter to the page, and labeled the picture. It was mainly a "mommy project", but I think older toddlers/preschoolers would enjoy doing this with little to no help.

Anyway, below you will find pictures of our finished product! :)

I decided to make a cover page for our book. I let Zachariah color the front page and added a little foam letter action for the title. Put a cute picture of my kid up there, and I was good to go.
You get the idea. I am not going to bore you with all 26 pages. But Zachariah loved looking at his toys in his alphabet book. I need to video his squeals of delight. :)

And even though this isn't the best picture in the world, I just had to put it up. The picture I used for the letter "P" was a picture of all his stuffed penguins. As soon as he saw it he squealed and ran to his room to get one of them. It was so darn cute.
Let me know if you make your own! I would love to see other peoples variations of it. :)


Rachael said...

what a great idea, it turned out fantastic! i would love to make one, but i think that i would have to laminate the pages. my 3 are quite fond of destroying books and papers.

Tammi Nowack Photography said...

On a photographer forum I belong to, a couple of moms/photos did a board book like this. they picked up a blank board book from a craft store (I haven't seen one, but maybe in a bigger city?) and then they printed the pages and glued them onto the board book. they were SOooo cute!

great idea!

jamie b said...

your book turned out wonderfully! i really need to do this for bryan! I would have loved to hear Z squeal!

Amy Lynn said...

Tammi- a blank board book?!?! HOW COOL! My gosh I would love to find one of those. That is genius.