Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another First

Zachariah loves to color. Or scribble. Whatever you want to call it, he likes it. Usually we will roll out this HUGE piece of material (that Daniel brought home from work) and Zachariah will sit in the middle of it and just scribble till his heart is content. Its pretty cute. Now that I think about it, I need to take some pictures of that. Hmm. Making a mental note....

Anyway. Yesterday, I rolled out the material and Zachariah started coloring. Soon after he started, I went to go put something in the kitchen. I was in the kitchen for about 20-30 seconds when I thought the following:

"You know what? Zachariah has yet to color on walls, or furniture, or toys... anything but the material and coloring pages. That's impressive right there. Then again I have never really left him alone with crayons before. Wouldn't it be ironic, and a little funny, if he were coloring on something right now? Hmm. On second thought, that wouldn't be so funny. I should get back in there."

And sure enough, when I go back in, Zachariah is proudly showing me his drawings. On his new IKEA furniture. He managed to color on both chairs and the table. In less than a minute of me being out of the room. And he somehow got a hold of one the few non-washable crayons that we had in his playroom.

Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled with the situation. But he was so cute when he would go back and forth from each piece of furniture showing me what he had done. He was so proud of his work I couldn't get to mad.

Now I just need to get a magic eraser to take it off!

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Rachael said...

our ikea table + chairs frequently sport the marks of toddler crayon drawings. magic eraser takes it right off!