Friday, January 30, 2009

Coffee Art

I met a couple friends at my favorite coffee shop last night, and one of the workers was trying to show off some of his coffee art. Poor guy didn't quite do it right, but I imagine that it is pretty difficult to do. Anyway, that got me looking for some coffee art this morning, and I found some really cool stuff!!! I would NOT mind having my coffee decorated like this.

And if you want to see more, you can click here, or just Google coffee art. :)


AMica paIge said...

this is absolutely amazing!
but how could you create such incredible images and still drink the coffee? i guess this art form isn't really for the coffee lover...but then, there's always the camera...i'm a coffee addict, so maybe i'd experiment a bit if i could scrounge for spare post amy. landed on your site through the movie, "a knights tale", which is also included in my blog profile.

and good luck with your new cam. it's a coincidence that my husband and i have just been looking at cameras to replace our fuji finefilm and this one caught my eye in a best buy ad. i'm also looking into freelance photography to do part-time. one of these days i'd have to force myself to sit down and learn those techie terms, like "aperture", to improve my shots, which isn't as fun as clicking away for cool shots:)

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's so cool! I was really impressed with the monkey one...and then I saw the planets. And then I saw the portrait.
who the heck thinks of these things???