Thursday, January 08, 2009

Take Out the Trash Day

Lately, one of Zachariah's favorite things to do with Daddy has been taking out the trash. Every single time Daniel bags up the trash in the kitchen, Zachariah squeals with excitement because he knows a walk to the big trash can is forthcoming.

A couple weeks ago Daniel bagged up the trash late at night, and instead of strutting down the driveway in his birthday suit, he just set it outside the back door. So naturally, when we went outside the next day, Zachariah saw the bag sitting there... and went crazy. He insisted on taking the trash down himself. So I grabbed the camera and recorded the cuteness.

Oh. may want to turn your volume way down. I tend to forget how close the speaker is on the camera. So I apologize for the obnoxious screeching.

I know this looks more like child torture than anything else. But he really did want to take the trash down. He just kept getting a bit distracted. He never did make it all the way though. :)


tammi said...

child labor at it's finest. :)

Last week I made the boys load up the back of the car with all the took them about 15 trips.

I can't wait until they're old enough to do the dishes! LOL

jamie b said...

i love your tone at the end :) that's a mommy voice for ya!

bryan hasn't discovered taking out the trash. too cute!

Anonymous said...

haha, thats great, he is a strong kiddo!

Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

that is so cute, he looks so little carrying that big bag!

Anonymous said...

thats my boy. way to do things half way. strive to under achieve.