Wednesday, January 28, 2009

300th Post

Yep. That's right. I am on post number 300. And what better way to commemorate my blogger milestone than to share a video of my adorable child!

We have been loving us some Backyardagins here recently. Zachariah has actually tried to mimic their tap dancing, which ends up looking clogging. Its absolutely hilarious. I have been trying for weeks to get his tap dancing on video... but every time I pull out the camera he comes and tries to see himself in the camera. *insert eye roll here*

I am not too sure what type of dancing he is doing here... he just kind of made it up as he went along. I will keep trying to get a video of the tap dancing though!! :)


tammi said...

Well, I wasn't all that impressed, but Tyler LOVED that video and laughed at it. HE kept saying, "More! Baby!"
SO then we went to your vimeo account and we had to watch the "splashing in the pool" video like, 12 times. :)

jamie b said...

that's so cute! i haven't shown bryan yet, or he'll be like tyler and want to see all the videos :)

it looks like you've rearranged the living room. or is this your room?

Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

happy 300!

Hayley. said...

Zachariah would be fun at the Club, I'll tell ya that :)

I find it funny to think about what a dance party would be like if we still danced like we did when we were little. Like everyone is at prom, all dressed up, get out of the limo to the sound of thumping music, and they just started waving their arms and walking in circles like dear Zac.

If only life were so simple. :)

Happy 300th!