Monday, January 26, 2009

Tagged Again

You might be proud to know that I..... have been studying up on photography. I have never liked studying for school, but I am really enjoying learning this time around.

You might be surprised to know that I..... am basically Betty Crocker. I have really gotten into a cooking/baking groove lately. I am jonesin for some good recipes if anyone out there has them! I may need to make that a separate post though.

You might already know that I..... am a horrible housewife. As we speak, there are a ton of dishes that need to be done, a kitchen that needs to be swept, bedrooms that need to be cleaned, and a load of laundry that needs to be done. And I am sitting here trying to come up with not-so-boring things to put on this post.

You should probably know that I..... am trying to be more social these days. I have realized how much I have deprived myself adult interaction since having Zachariah, and I am really missing it. So I am slowly but surely trying to get back in the game. :)

You may not believe it when I tell you that I..... took Karate a few years ago. I quit after the third class, therefore preventing me from getting my white belt. So I am a self-declared "clear belt" in martial arts.

You might have always wondered why I..... drive a mini-van. Its because I am just that cool.

You might think "it figures" when you consider that I..... have been having some major baby fever. Luckily, I am going to be able to babysit my newborn nephew for a couple months while his mommy goes back work. I think that will take care of the fever for a little bit!

You might wonder about my sanity if you knew that I..... have conversations in my head on a very regular basis. I actually come up with things I would do or say IF a certain situation ever occurred.

You might think I'm weird if you knew that I...... check my email at least twice an hour. I have somewhat of a computer addiction.

You might laugh to know that I..... really enjoy watching The Backyardagins with Zachariah. Its one heck of a entertaining cartoon, and I love watching Z try to tap dance with the characters.

You might roll your eyes when you know that I...... am tagging some of the same people I always tag. Hayley, Jamie, Marie and Rachael... your it!


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing, the whole making up situaions in your head just incase that ever happens, haha.

Amanda said...

you are all losers to talk to yourself in your head. I discussed this with myself earlier and I agreed.

p.s. i sooooo knew you wanted another baby.

Unknown said...

you are a nut girl...enjoy that babysitting deal...let me know if that entices you to have more kids or completely changes your idea. Cuz I'm having the baby fever too. Good luck with the house hold cleaning.