Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Shot of Life

Photographer I am not. But I would love to be able to claim that title one day. It has never been a lifelong dream of mine, but I have taken a real interest in it over the past year or so. I often get discouraged because of my intermediate camera and amateur Photoshoping skills, but I am doing the best I can with what I have got.

That being said, I am stealing a creative idea from a blog friend. I have created another blog, A Shot of Life, solely for the purpose of improving my photography. I hope to be updating it daily. I would love it if you stopped by and let me know what you think. I am going to be asking for tips and showing you my progress as I improve. I think this has the potential of helping me... so lets hope I stick with it. :)


tammi said...

I tried to write this on your other blog, but it was giving me issues. So I'm writing it here:

Cute pic. :)

Increase your ISO - that should help a little. Other than that, if you're indoors - stick to the windows.
Or buy an external flash.

Amy Lynn said...

Thanks! I dont think I want an external flast... quite yet. So I will try sticking to the windows. :)

Oh- I changed a few settings on the other blog... so now the comment section should be the same as over here.

Rachael said...

yay, can't wait to check it out!