Thursday, November 06, 2008


Zachariah's 15 month shots are coming up. Naturally, that has caused me to do some thinking about vaccines. There is a good bit of controversy going on about vaccines now days, and I am just now starting to do some research about it. So in the meantime, I want to know what all of you think about children getting vaccines. Do you think it is a good thing? Bad thing? Have your children been vaccinated and have you had any negative results from that?

I will post info as I do some more digging. But I really do want to hear what you think about it!


jamie b said...

well, immunizations are one of those things that i don't feel great about. i wish i would have waited until bryan was at least 1 to begin them. there are lots of different reasons i feel that way. i will say that he has not had his MMR shot yet. i'm so hesitant on giving him that one. i wanted to wait until he turned 2 but when that happened i still didn't feel comfortable about it. we'll see if he ever gets one. lol anyway, we haven't had any bad side effects (that we know of yet) but i think kids are getting WAY too many shots as babies.

tammi said...

Owen got all his shots, right on time.
AJ was on a delayed shot schedule.
Tyler hasn't had any. Not even the ones they give at birth in the hospital.
I leave my personal opinions about immunizations off the table, but suffice to say they make me feel *very* uncomfortable and there is lots of junk in them that I don't want put in my baby's body.