Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Hair Cut

Yesterday, I took on the challenge of giving Zachariah his first hair cut. (Though I would consider it more of a trim. He doesn't have a ton of hair to begin with.) He was a bit squirmy. He kept moving his head up and down, and then tried to swat at the scissors a few times. Amazingly enough, we managed to come out unharmed. At one point I thought I had accidentally given him a mullet though. But all is well. Hopefully the picture hides the unevenness of his hair. I still need to go back and get a few stragglers. But he had enough for one sitting, so I didn't push it.




tammi said...

Nice work!
i still can't get over how DARK his hair is!

TrishandJohn said...

Very good work. I put Aubrey in her chair with snacks and the TV on and her dad in front of her. She had a lot of distractions from what I was doing to her! ha ha ha

I love how their hair does hide the many imperfections. Great job though!

rachael said...

wow, i think it looks great! i am definitely not brave enough to try to cute my kiddos hair myself though. i have had way too many "accidents" with my own self-trimmings!