Friday, September 19, 2008

Update and Photos

It seems like Zac has changed so much the past couple days. He is definitely not a baby anymore (which makes me sad), but I don't consider him a toddler yet either. So we are in that in between stage. He is still crawling constantly, but he is getting closer and closer to taking those first steps. He has been cruising on the couches and windowsills, and anything else he can find! He has been able to stand on his own for a lot longer now too. But I am still ok with the crawling. He gets in enough trouble already! I cant even imagine what it will be like with him running around the house!

A couple weeks ago Zachariah got his first tooth, then a week later, he got his second! So we have two cute teeth on the bottom gum. (See previous post for picture)

On Zachariah's birthday weekend we took him to Turtle Park to get some one year old pictures. While we were there we played on the playground and he fell in love with swinging. So I am now looking into getting an outside swing for our house! But anyway, here are some of the pictures that we took. If you have facebook you can check there for the rest... I just didnt feel like posting a thousand pictures on here. :)

I love his smile!
Yeah, thats right.
He is standing all by himself.

I had my hopes up about getting a real cute picture of him looking at the camera while sitting on this bench. After several shots like this I just gave up. lol

He loves him some swings!

And this one is just for laughs. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Trish P. said...

Aubrey loves the swings too. We have a park literally like 2 miles down the road and I love it. She can sit in that swing for like an hour just looking around and swinging. Those pictures are great too!