Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Shopping Dream Come True

Since Z has officially hit the 1 year mark, I decided I wanted to see how he liked "big people milk" (I don't know why I just referred to it like that, but just humor me). My friend Tammi has told me about Almond Milk that her family has been drinking, and I (and by I, I mean my son) wanted to try it. Well low and behold neither of my two shopping places sell it. Rumor has it that Publix is the only place in town that sells it. So Zachariah and I head on over.

Let me just stop you here and tell you that I haven't been to Publix in about 2 years. We usually do all of our grocery shopping at good ol Wal Mart, and occasionally go to WinDixie to pick up a few random items that we forget at Wal Mart.

So Zachariah and I trot on into Publix, and low and behold I fall in love. I stroll through the store in amazement. I cant believe that I have been shopping at Wal Mart all these years. The fact that I had a shopping cart that wasn't about to fall apart was enough to make me want to do a happy dance, but then the neatness of the store, friendliness of the cashiers, and the fact that I waited a whole 5 seconds in line completely won me over.

I just wish that the price difference between the two stores would be worth it. *sigh*
Maybe I can start playing the lottery in hopes of coming into a butt load of cash so I can start shopping at Publix.


tammi said...

The price difference IS worth it....when you consider the larger (global) costs of shopping at the retail giant HellMart. :)

Ashley Griffin said...

let me tell you I just started shopping at Publix. it IS worth it. When you consider the quality of the meats and produce AND the fact that they will take competitor prices from the sale papers, it is sooo worth it. I stuck with publix brand on just about everything and I really did not spend anymore than i would have at wallyworld.
btw:almond milk is NOT better for your baby than cows milk. check with your pediatrician.

Amy Lynn said...

Well I may need to look a little more closely at shopping there then! Thanks for the thumbs up on Publix ladies!

tammi said...

Publix does have a lot better quality of foods and produce, that's for sure. And they have more "exotic" stuff (exotic for Albany anyway!) that you can't find at Walmart.
As for the milk thing, almond milk (or rice milk, or soy milk) are just as good, even better (In my opinion anyway) than cow's milk. Here's why:

Humans are the only creatures that drink milk from the mother of another species.
Human children have no nutritional requirements for cow’s milk and grow up healthy and strong without it. Cow’s milk (and the products made from it) are laced with foreign, frequently allergy-inciting, bovine protein and frequently contain hydrocarbon pesticides and other chemical contaminants.....and PUS - gross! (google it).

Most parents wonder how their baby will get calcium if they're not drinking cow's milk, but calcium is found in TONS of other foods: green vegetables, wholemeal bread, beans, lentils, ground almonds, sesame paste, tofu, and others. How do you think vegan and vegetarian children (or children with milk allergies) stay healthy? :)
Ask your pediatrician. :)