Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have come to realize that I have one heck of a stubborn child. It was bound to happen. He really had no chance at all, seeing as how both of his parents are pretty darn stubborn. All that to say that I took him out for a "photo shoot" a week or so ago and this is what I got.

He pretty much avoided ALL eye contact with me (aka: the camera)

He would look over my should at "the birds chirping"... still not acknowledging my presence.

Pretending to be interested in the dead grass...

And once he finally lifts his head up towards me, this is what I get.

hhhhhhh. Stubborn, stubborn child.

I was so frustrated with this that I asked Tammi to come take some pictures of him. She is bound to be able to get him to do something! And even though he was being a stubborn child, yet again, she managed to get some uber cute pictures!

So click the link to see results of the photo shoot!


Anonymous said...

Amy Lynn, you are so hilarious. Your blogs are always fun to read. Especially the ones about Zachariah.


The Englands said...

i know that people always think their own child is perfect and gorgeous and all so i just want to tell you that we all think little z is all of those things! it's not just his parents and relatives! he is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rachel freeman said...

What fun! You are a nut girl, love the blurbs under each picture...not to mention love the shots of Z. Even if not the "perfect picture" mom would want....he is adorable in them all!

Amy Lynn said...

Mimi- Luckily Zachariah is my favorite topic to blog about, so you will have plenty more!
Mary Lynn- Thanks! Your so sweet. I of course think he is the cutest thing in the world, but its really nice hearing it from non-relatives! :)
Rachel- Thanks to you too! I was very pleased with the results of the photo shoot as well! Tammi can make pictures of him drooling look amazing. I am sooo glad she came to my rescue! :)