Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Product Endorsement

I am a pretty paranoid person. The thing I am most paranoid about, as a mother ,is SIDS. Ever since we moved Zachariah to his crib (10 weeks old), I have to go check on him 524 times a night to make sure he is still breathing. And then I make Daniel go check on him another 213 times before we go to bed. Every sound that comes from his nursery wakes me up and gets me thinking that something is wrong. Even though I know that his humidifier just made a gurgling sound, I go check on him… again.

Recently I came across the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor in my babytalk magazine. At first I thought it was too good to be true. But then I did a little research, and before I knew it, they were mine! Here is the skinny: There is a sensor pad that you put under the mattress of the crib. Then you hook it up to the cute, cloud shaped monitor (aka: nursery unit). It detects all of your baby’s movement, which of course includes breathing. If 20 seconds go by without movement, it will sound an alarm in the cute, cloud shaped parents unit and in the nursery unit. (Just in case you don’t have your unit on, you can still hear the alarm)

Last night was the first time that we used it, and it was wonderful. I only got up to go make sure he was all warm and snuggled under his blanky. I didn’t have to get up 524 times to go check and make sure he was ok. And even if I did feel like checking on him, I don’t have to go over to the crib and hold my hand in front of his face, or over his chest to make sure he is breathing. Conveniently located on the nursery unit, there is a light that flashes every time he moves. So I can stand at the door and see the light flashing and know everything is fine and dandy.

The one concern Daniel and I had about this was that Zachariah would move off the sensor pad and we would get a ton of false alarms. But I tested it by moving him ALL OVER THE CRIB. At times he wasn’t even near the sensor pad and it picked up his breathing. So that was very reassuring.

Anyway. This is great. I wish I had it for the first 6 months of his life. I would have slept a whole heck of a lot better. If you want to read more about it, you can click here for the official website. Or you can click here to read reviews of what some parents think about it. Walmart and Target sell it, but I have only found it online.

Happy shopping everyone!


rachel freeman said...

You my dear are a lifesaver. I'm off to get that sensor pad thing today. Thank you and I'm so excited to get peaceful sleep tonight. :)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. We always learn with our first!!