Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My how time flies

Its so hard to believe that Zachariah was born 6 months ago, today.

It seems like just the other day that we brought him home from the hospital, but at the same time, I cant remember what life was like without him.

Here are a few pictures to show you how much he has grown over the last 6 months!
1 day old

1 month old 2 months old
3 months old

4 months old

5 months old

6 months old

And to commemorate his 6 month birthday, he started sitting up all by himself today!!!


Hayley. said...

Oh my goodness - little man! :) Tell him Aunt Hayley wants to have a playdate soon!

jamie b said...

Happy half birthday little man!!!!

TWL said...


tammi said...

Wow! It seems like the change between 4 and 5 months was the biggest! Amazing how much they change in that first year!
And I'm so glad he's sitting! That'll make his photo session a lot easier! :)

TrishandJohn said...

Yea for 6 months. It is crazy to think our babies are half way to a year. I love sitting up too. It seems like Aubrey is changing daily now and it's so much fun!