Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What we have been up to

While most of this post is going to be dedicated to what Zachariah has been up to, I thought I would give a few updates on what Daniel and I have been up to as well.

Daniel has been working at his new job for almost two months now. We are both loving this job SO much more than his old one. He is loving the people he works with and he is able to design a lot more, which is what he enjoys. And Zachariah and I are loving his flexible schedule! So this job gets two thumbs up from everyone in the family. :)

I have been practicing my photography butt off. I have had at least one, sometimes two practice sessions a week for the past month and I have three more coming up. And I am still loving it. I am so glad to find something that I enjoy doing! Being a stay at home mom is very trying on my sanity and patience, so I am very grateful for this outlet. It makes me feel a little more normal when I am able to interact with people that are over the age of two.

Oh, and on a little bit of a random note... I cleaned out my pantry the other day. Besides the countless number of canned goods, chicken stock, cans of peanuts and bags of muffin mix, I found these...

As you can tell, we love pasta. We eat at least two pasta meals a week. But most of these boxes of pasta have been in my pantry for 6 months or so. Why does a family of three need this many boxes of pasta?? I don't even know why I have some of that stuff.

Ok, enough about pasta. Lets move on to what Zachariah has been up to, shall we?

This is our entertainment center. Well, some of it anyway. The only time I really take pictures of our entertainment center is when Zachariah is playing peek-a-boo inside of it, so you will have to work with this incomplete picture.

Take note of the doors. If you look closely you will see that there are two. One of the left and one on the right. Has everyone counted the doors?

Good. Now take a look at this picture of our entertainment center that was taken this morning.

Alright class, can anyone guess what is missing? Yes, you there. Little girl on the front row.

What? You say a door is missing? Why yes. I think you are right!

That would be the handiwork of my son. He decided to use the door as a springboard while watching TV and split the door in half, leaving nothing but the hinges. Fabulous.

When Zachariah is not destroying furniture, he has lately be found "fixing" his bus,

or taking care of his baby.

He has had an attachment with this thing for a few months now, and it is ADORABLE. He will randomly ask to change baby's diaper, he will share his toys with baby and he has even started sharing his paci's! I must admit, it has been very cute watching him interact with this baby doll. :)

Alright, that concludes my rambling updates. What have you guys been up to? Anything new or exciting? I would love to hear what has been going on in the lives of my very few readers. :)


Amanda said...

I did yard work!! :D

Raine said...

They picture of the baby makes my insides melt. *sigh* Your son is adorable.

Mariah said...

Hey- Where did you get that soft cube from in the last picture? I am searching for soft toys for Andrew since he likes to throw everything.

Amy Lynn said...

Mariah- I am so sorry I just now saw this! I am usually much better at responding in a timely fashion. :)

The cube was Daniel's back before we got married. I have no clue where he got it. Sorry!