Thursday, November 12, 2009

The T-I-M and His Super Awesome Wife

Here are some pictures I took last week of our friends Tim and Nan and their cute little dog. I won't write too much because Nan will just end up skipping over this anyway. But I wanted to at least introduce you all. :)

Ladies and gentlemen... Tim and Nan!

Oh, and I will give a Milk-Bone to the canine lover who can guess the dogs name. :)


jamie b said...

I looooooove these pics and the people in them!!

nan-you look like a model!! great job AL!

Raine said...

Okay, how on EARTH did you get the dog to sit that still? (Are you a dog whisperer?)

Oh, and I guess that his/her name is Rumpelstiltskin...because it's awesome and would never fit on a dog tag. ;)

Lyndi Soles said...

Great job!!! T-I-M and Nan still look as happy as the day they married... Wonderful shots!!!

Hayley. said...

My guess is, Yankee. :)

These pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Amy Lynn! I like all the places you took the pics too!


Anonymous said...

Great job!! Such a sweet couple.