Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Short and Sweet

Each year our Christmas tree is decorated with white lights, blue and silver ornaments and some scattered icicles.. Don't get me wrong, I love the blue and silver theme we have going on, but I am about ready for a change. I just want something different. Daniel does not know it yet, but I am going to attempt to change the look of our tree this year.

Here is the problem. I have NO idea what I want. So I would love it if you guys would help me out! Tell me what your tree looks like, what you think my tree should look like, or just your favorite tree "theme". Should I stick with a color theme or should I have a lot of random ornaments?

I am dying for some input. Don't let me down. :)


Anonymous said...

Why change? You have only had those colors for three years and it looks great! BTW it is cheaper to not change too! I would wait until you don't have a two year old to invest in new decorations. :) I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but I'm too practical sometimes...sorry!!! I love you!!

sherri said...

When Wren and Raine were little I started buying three of a couple of special ornaments (we each got a set) each year so that when they got married and had their own tree they would have a good start on some nice ornaments. They would also have the memories of when we got them. I hope it's something they will continue with their children. I really enjoyed it. But, best of all, while they were still at home I had a ton of great ornaments on our tree! As to should you change...I say heck yes...make it full of color and fun but keep the white lights...they don't compete with the ornaments. Merry Christmas!!!

Wren said...

I have started the ornament tradtion with Chloe :) I started her very first Christmas and absolutely love looking for ornaments to get for me and Chloe.

But if you like a color theme, I am a huge fan of red! lol Red and gold is always pretty together. Or you could go for the jewel tones, like reds, greens, purples, maybe some orange or something. Let us know what you decide!

Amanda said...

i have my black and white and don't think i'm going to change it, amy and i are probably going to have different trees, lol. But if i were married i'd want something that was for me and my husband, if you two started the blue and white together i'd stick with it, unless you wanted to start a new tradition as a family of three rather than just a married couple.
Either way, you need a solid theme or none at all. Have fun with it OR make it more structured.

jamie b said...

i bet your tree looks awesome! you can just start now by adding to it every year. our stuff is mostly a hodge podge of things. i can't wait to put up our tree this year!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Amy Lynn, I'm with your mom. You haven't been married 10 years yet. Then you can change!! Adding to what you have may be the best thing to do. Like maybe add in red. It shouldn't take much.


Mandy Kavanaugh said...

Ours is whimsical...lime greens, reds, blues, oranges, etc. I am adding a tree this year to our foyer...deep red matte balls each containing a name of God and its meaning.

I like the trendy blues and silvers but I just always revert back to classic colors. I am thinking of theming my giftwrap brown and light blue. Haven't decided though. Found some gorgeous ribbon tonight that would be perrrrrrfect!

Happy Decorating!

Raine said...

I like this one, personally:

The colors are fun and festive. :)