Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Perfect Egg

I am a HUGE fan of eggs. I will eat them any way they are cooked, but my two favorites are scrambled and boiled. When I was growing up I ate boiled egg sandwiches pretty much every day. They were my all time favorite. When I was preggers, tuna salad sandwich was creeping up on the list of favorites as well. So over the years I have had quite a few reasons to boil eggs on a VERY regular basis. And I must say that I have gotten to be a pretty darn good boiler of the egg. Which leads me to my next paragraph.

I was watching Rachel Ray a while back and she had mentioned how to boil the perfect egg. I thought to myself, "Yeah, Yeah. We all know how to boil an egg. For crying out loud". I have always boiled my eggs for 10 min, then turn the burner off and let them cool for a bit. Then go on with the process of peeling and cutting the egg. So I just assumed that Ray Ray's version of the perfect boiled egg would be something like that. But instead of doing it my way, she says to bring the eggs to a rapid boil then turn off the heat. Let them sit in the hot water for 10 min. and then procede with the peeling of the egg. I had never even considered this meathod of boiling.

So today, because I wanted a tuna salad sandwich, I tried her boiling method. And much to my surprise, Ray Ray knows what she is talking about! It was the most beautiful boiled egg I have ever seen. I thought mine were just fine before... but Talk about a great yolk.

Anyway, just wanted to share my new discovery. And for those of you who have known how to boil "the perfect egg", shame on you for not telling me!


tammi said...

Ahhh...the boiled egg - the bane of my culinary existence. I don't know why, but I have ALWAYS had a hard time boiling eggs! Either they turn out with the yellow part not quite cooked, or I can't get that blasted shell off without tearing up the white part....
I'm trying this tomorrow.

In the Den said...

Feel free to try it. I too am a boiled egg lover, but I didn't like this egg at all. I finished it to be polite to my wife, but if I had been in a restaurant of sorts I would have spat it into my napkin.

(Yes, I am actually more polite at home.)