Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I don't know how I went 8 years without watching this movie. If you have not yet see Chocolat, then I suggest that you go rent it. It is such a cute movie. I know Daniel is pretty tired of hearing me go on about it, but since watching that I have been crushing on Johnny Depp again ( I go through my phases). There aren't many celebrities that I gawk over, the first being Heath Ledger, but Johnny is definitely one of them. I swear, he is just so fabulous. I mean, how can this guy not make you swoon??


Hayley. said...

You'll hafta fight me for him :)
Ah the unattainable crush.

tammi said...

I didn't know you'd never seen Chocolat! I dont' think you can call yourself a true JDepp fan unless you've seen it. The imagery and symbolism in it was fantastic - great cinematography. I LURVE that movie!

Only JDepp movie I don't think I've seen is Sweeney Todd...and unfortunately, I don't think I will. yuck! heard it's pretty gross....

Okay, I'm rambling.


Amy Lynn said...

I haven't seen Sweeney Todd either. I think I would have nightmares for weeks. *shudder*

Danny104 said...

he is a very talented actor you have to give him that. I haven't seen sweeney todd either, but i probably will sometime soon. If you haven't seen The Libertine yet don't bother, that is probably my least favorite Depp movie to date.

Hayley. said...

Oh my goodness Sweeney Todd is SO good. I own it! The blood is obviously fake, and it is kinda tough to watch the first time, but the second, it doesn't even phase you!
And The Libertine is really really dirty, but Johnny's acting is his best to date. He is incredible in that movie. That is the ONLY reason I would recommend it.