Saturday, August 16, 2008

Babies Gone Wild

We left for the beach yesterday afternoon, and Zachariah was surprisingly decent on the 4 hour drive down! He was a bit fussy at first, but once I moved to the back with him, he was a happy camper (my motion sickness was having a ball though). So to say that Zachariah was thrilled when we got here is an understatement. When we walked into our condo and he saw the sliding glass door that overlooked the pool, with many a palm trees, he freaked out. He bounced on the floor for a couple minuets and then made the following faces while screaming in excitement.

I am off to go eat a massive breakfast at the in-laws condo.
Be jealous. :)


TrishandJohn said...

I am jealous but excited too cause we get to do that in October. We are flying with Aubrey for the first time and going with all of John's family. I can't wait! Glad you guys are having fun.

rachel freeman said...

Oh I know ya'll will have a ball! Having a that heard of anymore once we have kids?