Friday, August 03, 2007

Mixed feelings

As everyone knows, I used to teach K3. Last night I had a dream about my previous class, so I am going to go on a tiny random tangent. Now most of this is probably the pregnancy hormones getting to me, but I am kind of sad I am not teaching this year! Now don't get me wrong... I am beyond thankful that God worked it out to where I don't have to work there next year and therefore I don't have to put up with the endless supply of crap that was bestowed upon me. But part of me misses the whole teaching aspect of it. So in the spirit of reminiscing... here are way to many pictures of my oh so cute class I had last year.


jamie b said...

They are precious! I know you'll miss the kids but probably not all the responsibility you had! :) that many 3 year olds had to be exhausting!

In the Den said...

Wasn't it nice of all the parents to give you permission to post the kids' picture on the internet? That's awesome!

Amy Lynn said...

Ok, so I am not the brightest crayon in the box. Give me a break.