Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing to blog about

I went to the Dr. today. Let me start off by saying I was in and out in a little less than 30 min. So in and of itself, that qualifies as a wonderful Dr. appointment. The discouraging part is that I had to get on the scale... and I think I gained 4 pounds in two weeks. I am hoping I just forgot what the scale said last time... but I doubt it. Anyway, the cool part is that I had some contractions while the midwife was checking the baby's heartbeat and stuff. Now I cant feel them, therefore I have no clue when I am having them, but she said I had a couple... so I am assuming she knows what she is talking about.

6 weeks to go. I really just want this baby to hurry up and come on out- if for no other reason so that I can actually have something worthwhile to blog about.


Hayley. said...

hey maybe you will be lucky and you won't feel your contractions in labor!! :)

Amy Lynn said...

Oh if only. But I fear that I have no suck luck. Expect to be able to hear me in pain from wherever you are. :)

The Englands said...

no's probably just water weight! i think the last four weeks the baby gains a half a pound per week. plus...the person weighing you might not have done it right :) wishful thinking right?! mary lynn