Monday, July 30, 2007

9 weeks and counting...

Thanks to Hayley, I got The Office seasons 1 and 2 for my birthday!!! I LOVE that show. And if you haven't seen it feel free to borrow it. Its freakin hilarious.
Kudos to Hayley for a great gift!

I am re-addicted to the TV show 24. If anyone out there has season 5 please let me know so I can steal it for a few days.

Little Zac will NOT stop preforming aerobics inside of me. I am pretty sure he is trying to escape... I think he needs some help figuring out where the exit is though. sheesh.

We are going to the beach next weekend with Daniel's family. I thought that bathing suit shopping would be less depressing now that I am pregnant and supposed to look fat. I was wrong.

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Hayley. said...

You're welcome;) I still have to borrow Season 2! lol

Tell Zac I said to leave you alone! I hope he finds the exit right, and not booty first...I'm sure he's a smart kid.

And yay for the beach! You'll still look super cute, don't you worry about a thing:)