Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Needle Anyone?

I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet. When trying to figure out what to eat for dinner Daniel has to stand in the kitchen and go through the freezer, fridge, and pantry telling me the options. Then I ask him what he wants, and he narrows the choices down for me, and then I might pick something to eat. Its a freakin 15-20 min. process here people.

Anyway. I have wanted a tatoo for the longest time. I just havent been able to figure out what to get or where to put it. I also have this new found obsession for nose rings. So... here are my two options.

1) The Tattoo: I don't want anything too big and I would like something that could be covered up if need be. I also don't want it anywhere that would stretch when I gain weight or get pregnant. So here are my two thoughts. Option A: Get a smallish tattoo of my wedding flower (Calla Lilies) on my shoulder blade. Option B: Get a toe ring tattoo that says "Zac".

The iffy's? I am not sure how good a tattoo would look on the shoulder blade. My luck it would end up looking idiotic. I just haven't seen enough of them to be confident. My iffy's on the toe ring? From everything I have read it hurts like heck. One woman said that it hurt worse than childbirth and gallstones. I am wanting more than just one kid. So if I end up having more kids I am in a bind... "Yeah, Zac is tattooed on my toe, but the pain was too horrible, so you two kids are out of luck."

2) The Nose Ring: I have my ears pierced... but that's about it. I used to want my belly button pierced, but thank God that was just a rebellion thing when I was in high school. Once my parents said they would rip it out if I got one I got out of that phase quickly. So I haven't really had the urge to get anything else pierced. But now for some reason I am LOVING the nose ring. Not a barbell or anything, but a cute little stud. I think they are so adorable. So now I am kind of wanting one of those.

The iffy's? I don't do pain. And it seems like it would hurt.

Now is where you come in. If anyone has a tattoo or nose ring or knows someone, or if you just have an opinion on which one you think I could handle more, that would be great. Give me the pros and cons.

Now this is not a time sensitive matter. I am not going to get either of these done before I have the baby, and I probably wont be able to afford either one for another 75 year or so... but I had some free time on my hands today and decided to ponder the issue.

Whatcha think?


Danny104 said...

I think you should get that cow ring the guy has. It would accentuate your good facial features...like... your nice... study nose.

Anonymous said...

Sorry... I'm no help...
The idea of getting a tattoo just really freaks me out... it's so permanent!!!

I think the nose ring would be cool... but I don't know if it really fits you...
have you thought about getting another earring... like up in the top?

Amy Lynn said...

Tattoo's are very permenant... thats why I havent gotten one yet.The pain freaks me out and if I get one I want to make sure I wouldnt mind having it there for the rest of my life. And yeah, I dont want anymore earring- I dont know why, but I am not a huge earring person. *sigh*

TWL said...

I don't think the nose ring would hurt as much as a tatoo. But I'm w/Casey, I don't know if it would suit you.

I love the idea of the tatoo as a toe ring. You just have to decide whether or not you can deal with the pain.

jamie b said...

Hey! I have wanted a very small nose stud for a long time! Like so small you barely notice, but they are so cute!

I don't know about a tattoo because like you said, they are so permanent. You really have to know what you want.

Hayley. said...

I totally want a tattoo or a nose ring as well, but cannot think of something good enough to make it as permanent as a tattoo and I dont think I am allowed to have a nose ring if I work at Sherwood:) I regret that I didnt get one in college...
But I think they are super cute.
Now, the calilily idea, we've talked about this, I think its a cute idea...but I'm not positive about the shoulder blade...I think it would be cute on the foot :)
Thats where I would get a tattoo, if I could think of something!

Amy Lynn said...

Yeah, I think I am leaning more towards a nose stud instead of a tattoo.

Mamie and Hayley... lets all go get one together. One day. When I have money.

Hayley- maybe no one will notice you have it! ha.

Danny104 said...

well sis, when I move out and get a tattoo you can get one as well, so that gives you like a year or so to save up.

tammi said...

Totally go for the nose stud - it's a nice introduction to more "extreme" body art. :) I had considered a eyebrow piercing when I got my nose done, but I heard that those scar really badly, and nose studs don't. And they're really not that expensive - i think mine was $50.

I was planning on getting a tat for my birthday this year, but then I got knocked up so maybe i'll try for next year...a reward for myself after i lose about 50 pounds! :) we'll go together!

The Englands said...

nose stud...if you decide you dont want it anymore you can make it go away unlike the tatoo (without extreme measures that is) plus you have a great nose. it's a good feature to draw attention to....i'd wait til your baby is out of the pulling on pretty things phase though. i watched bryan almost rip out aunt lyndi's earring at the birthday party! ouch!

amy said...

Tammi - I'll go with you!! I have a milestone b'day to celebrate this year, and I was thinking that might be just the way to do it!

Lazerwolf said...

I'm not really sure you want my opinion, but as usual, that won't stop me from giving it. :-)

I think you should get a tat in an itty bitty font across your nose that says "if you can read this, you better be my husband!"

This kind of combines the two desired self-mutilating, puncturing activities. If you decide you don't like it, no biggie - it will look like a smudge of grease on your nose, as if you've been working on the car. It may even impress your friends - until they start thinking you must never bathe or wash your face.

Friends will enjoy the humor your tattoo displays - although it may be somewhat uncomfortable for you when everybody wants to read what it says.

Alternatively, I suggest a birthmark/mole tattoo on your foot. Mainly for plausible deniability - when you realize what a dumb thing it was to do, you just tell people it's not a tattoo, it's a birthmark.

As far as the stud goes, I recently spent some extended time (a little more than a week) around a person with a nose stud. I would agree it looked cute from straight on, but every time I saw them from a lower line of sight (i.e., they were standing, I was sitting), the back of the stud was visible just inside the nostril. This was very distracting, as I constantly wanted to hand them a tissue and say "you got somethin' hangin' there."

Well, it's obvious that my true opinion does not side with the majority of wise counsel you have received, and that if I point out the likelihood that this is just as musch a phase as your belly button ring phase (which I threatened to violently remove from it's secured position should that ring come to fruition), the former would be met with a similar rebellious attitude as the latter (the former actually referring to the latter phase and the latter referring to the former phase - which can be somewhat confusing).

Anyway, you know how I feel about it. Just do it because you know it's the right thing to do - not because everyone says you should.

deek said...

Needles?! YUCK! Who wants more of them then you need! Ok, I'm with everyone else...tatoo's permanent but wanted one, nose ring cute but distracting never wanted one. I'll have to agree with Lazerwolf...like you thought otherwise...If you want the horrible truth, you'll have plenty of "tatoos" as you get older...especially on your feet after giving birth to multiple babies (you'll just have to use your imagination to determine what they say or picture) and if you get a nose ring just remember your kiddos do more extreme things than you do...ask any parent with grown children who know the truth...or just ask any old child who is now a parent!
I love you and do request a picture of the event taking place if ever such an event does.