Thursday, July 15, 2010

Laundry Fun

I have had these pictures ready to post for a week or two now, but I just haven't been able to come up with any words to go along with the post. So, in fear of never posting this, I am just going to post the dang pictures and get over the fact that its going to be a lame post. Is that ok with everyone?

Ok. Good.

This is Zachariah's new laundry basket. Its pretty much the most adorable laundry basket I have ever seen and Zachariah LOVES it. I mean, absolutely loves it.

Along with being flat out adorable, it has this fabulous handle that you can use to swing over your shoulder and carry the lion down to the laundry room. Fabulous? Yes, yes it is.

The mouth of the lion opens up so you can throw clothes in there. Zachariah LOVES this.

Every time he has dirty clothes he runs over, opens the mouth, throws the clothes in, closes it and says (in a very deep and raspy voice), "Mmmm. Yummy shirt!" (Or shorts, or pants. Insert appropriate clothing item.) So yeah. He talks for the lion. How cute is that?

Anyway. I just wanted to share about the cute laundry basket. We found it at Target for $10 and we are VERY pleased with it. They had a couple other laundry baskets similar to this. I think one was sports related and one was a butterfly or something. But this one is by far the cutest. And it fit his safari themed room so wonderfully, so purchasing "Mr. Lion" was a no brainer for us.

And yes, Zachariah named his laundry basket. :)

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Amanda said...

i'm just stunned there isn't a picture of Z IN the basket...
just sayin'