Friday, July 30, 2010

Advice Needed

I want to paint.

But I don't want to paint just anything, I want to give one of the rooms in the house a spruce. I know that if I wait a few months I will be able to find out the sex of the baby and then we will be painting the nursery... but I don't want to wait for that.

That being said, I think I want to paint our hallway! Our hallway is extremely bland and... well, so many other boring words. I am actually ashamed we haven't painted it yet. I mean, we have been living here for four years now and I think a paint job is LONG overdue.

So here is where your help comes in. I need help figuring out a color to paint the hallway. For your convenience, I have included a picture of the bland and yucky looking space.

My gut reaction is to go with a neutral color. An earthy tone. Something safe. But here is the problem. The hallway leads into the living room, which is a brown earthy color. The hallway also leads into mine and Daniels bedroom, which is painted in two different brown colors. And guess what? The hallway leads into the kitchen, which is ALSO painted with two shades of brown and a lovely shade of white.

Yeah. We went a little crazy with the browns. We realize this now.

So here is my question...

Would painting the hallway an earth color just be too much? Should I go with a red or something different to set it apart from the rest of the house, or will I be safer to stay with the same color scheme we have going on?

Oh, and then there is the problem of this nasty wallpaper covering the bottom half of the hallway. What do to with that? Paint over it or re wallpaper with something a little more trendy?

Obviously I need your help people. So PLEASE leave your feedback! I am desperate!!!


Trish P. said...

Ok, since you asked I will throw my 2 cents in because well I just LOVE to decorate. My first instinct, in keeping it close to what you described in the rest of the house but warming it up a little bit more is to do with a nice earthy brown/orange. I tend to call it like a rust, maybe leaning more like a pumpkin. As far as the bottom, that is tricky without seeing it. Painting over it would add a cool texture to it and leave you without much hassel. However, I am so so so intrigued with the coolest of wallpapers these days so that would be fun. Sounds like though painting may go more along with the rest of the house. Ok, so my choice, the earthy deep orange, LOVE IT!

Oh and if I'm the only one that comments does that mean I win! ha ha ha

Indrabar said...

Don't forget, greens and blues can also be earthy.

Mariposa said...
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Hayley. said...

I just painted my room a soft, sky, powdery blue and I cant believe how much I love it! I say lighten up the house a bit more with lighter colors. Tan and blue with the white chair rail, or something like that.