Tuesday, February 02, 2010


One of the things we got Zachariah for Christmas was a tub-o-dinosaurs. Zachariah didn't have any dino toys yet, and I knew he would love them. I mean, what little boy doesn't like dinosaurs? Exactly.

The tub came with dozens of dino's (two of each kind. You know, in case of a flood) and lots of trees and rocks. Zachariah doesn't use the rocks to play with so much as he uses them to pelt me. At least he is getting some use out of them, right?

Anyway. We like to set up our own little dinosaur island in the play room. Z has his favorite dinosaurs, of course. And so do I. I prefer the cute little ones that are standing on the rock in the middle of the picture. I just think they are so adorable! Well, except for that albino looking one to the left. He looks a bit weird. Regardless, I prefer the baby dinosaurs.

Zachariah, on the other hand, prefers the two giant dinosaurs. Who can blame him though? If we were to ever have a dinosaur duel, they would definitely eat my little dinosaurs alive. I guarantee you that is why he favors those giant things. He is always trying to gain the upper hand.

Back to the peaceful dinosaur village. Do you see how all the dinosaurs are enjoying themselves? They are walking/sitting around minding their own business, when all of a sudden...

Zachariah and his giant dinosaur comes along and destroys the entire village!

How rude.

And to add insult to injury, he makes both of his dinosaurs do a little victory dance. Yep. He definitely picked the giant dinosaurs as his favorites so he could take down my army in one fell swoop.

What a mischievous little goober. I am putting my foot down. I will no longer allow this kind of behavior in my house. My dinosaurs will be treated with respect!

Dang. He is good. Real good.

Alright, fine. Zachariah, you can stomp all over my dinosaurs whenever you want. I just cant handle the cuteness!

Ah well. Better luck next time for my poor little dino's. :)


Raine said...

Oh my goodness...the last picture is the cutest ever!

Anonymous said...

Another cute story! You have a gift my girl! You also have a cute little stinker!

Indrabar said...

I agree, that last picture is the best! He is adorable!