Monday, February 08, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Yep. It finally happened. Last week my baby moved from a crib to a big boy bed.

Watching Zachariah move from the crib to his big boy bed has been so fun. And a little frustrating. But mostly fun.

He is so proud of his big boy furniture. Whenever someone comes over he is excited to show them his room. He constantly talks about his big boy bed and tells us how much he "wuvs" it. We still need to get some stuff on the walls (while in his crib he decided to redecorate and take everything off the walls that was in his reach) and we want to get a lamp for his dresser, but besides that we are super pleased with the new look.

The first couple nights were rough. He cried for his crib, he clung to me and begged to be rocked (too bad for him, cause we took the rocking chair out). As soon as we would leave he would jump out of bed and open the door to come find us. And that became a fun game to play. After two hours of him coming out of his room to find us I finally put a childproof door knob cover on his door so he couldn't get out. And let me tell you, that worked like a charm! As soon as he realized he couldn't get out he just climbed back in bed and eventually went to sleep.

Nap time is still a challenge. He will get up and read books, play with his stuffed animals or moisturize his skin with Desitin before he ends up falling asleep. There have been a few skipped naps as well... but we are getting there. I am quickly learning what needs to be put on a higher shelf in order for him to fall asleep quicker.

All in all this experience has been a good one so far. Zachariah is having a blast with his new found independence and I am having almost just as much fun learning an in depth lesson about patience.

More pictures of Z in his big boy bed coming soon. :)


Anonymous said...

So cute! Where did you get the bedding?
-Ashley Evans-

Anonymous said...

He really is getting to be a big boy!!! So adorable, I could just eat him.


Amy Lynn said...

Ashley- I got the bedding from Target! We love it!

jamie b said...

His room looks GREAT! i think his bed is about the same height as Bryan's. i looked at that same bedding too and i love it! Way to go Z!