Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best. Dresser. Ever.

Due to this whole big boy bed thing, we realized that Zachariah needed a dresser of some sort. He didn't use a dresser as a baby because his room has a massive bookshelf. We put some green bins on the shelves and put his clothes in the bins. It worked nicely.

But for the past 6 months or so the bins have just become annoying. His clothes are bigger and he has more of them. So they just don't fit as well as 6 months onesies. I started hanging up most of this clothes in his closet and the bins were deemed useless.

I say all of that to say... the day before we took the crib down Daniel and I had the difficult task of finding a dresser for Zachariah. Dressers these days are cheap. Not the cost. The cost is never cheap. But they are cheaply made. Everything is made of particle board and it falls apart in a year or so. And with a 2 year old little boy, I doubt something like that would even last that long.

So, I definitely didn't want something made cheaply, but I didn't want some fancy shmancy thing either. I don't want to pay out the butt for a piece of furniture and then get angry when Zachariah scratches it or draws on it with a sharpie. Do you see my predicament? What is a girl to do in this situation???

So yeah. I was not looking forward to this adventure. But low and behold, Daniel found the PERFECT thing! No joke. You wanna see it?

Here it is! This is seriously the best dresser ever. It is a real piece of furniture. Its made of real mahogany, not particle board! And it doesn't have tracks that will break over time. Zachariah is NOT going to destroy this thing. It is heavy duty. It is the real deal. And I am one happy camper.

We got this from Old Mills Furniture here in town. Every single thing they own is amazing. I saw about two dozen other pieces of furniture that I must have in the future, so I guarantee you I will be back for more.

Old Mills has great furniture for great prices and I recommend that you go there immediately for all of your furniture needs. And while your there, buy me the red china cabinet or the teal end table.


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