Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Being the blog stalker that I am... I have noticed something very interesting. Bloggers in general are getting lazy. They are updating their own blogs, but no one is commenting on anyone elses blog! (Except for Tammi's. She is uber popular) Anyway- I have noticed that people are getting very lazy when it comes to commenting and decided to blog about it. So there.

Not like I am expecting any comments from you people.
*folds arms and walks away*


tammi said...

I know what you mean and I've noticed it too. And I'm guilty of it as well.

Uber popular?? I average 2-3 comments per post. Yes, I'm a freaking ROCK STAR. :) lol

For me, i use the bloglines feature so that it keeps all my blogs in one place and shows me which ones i need to read. I'll click on the one I want to read, and read it, but to comment on it, i have to actually GO to the said blog, and who has endless time to spend doing THAT?? :)
I'll tell myself that I'll go back to that blog and comment later, but then i always forget.

My bad. :)
but now I've commented on your blog.

so there.

jamie b said...


I am not a very good commenter, but I love to get comments. Guess I need to work on that! :)

Hayley. said...

you might as well have said "hayley, comment on my blog."
but whatever, it worked, i'm commenting :)

i will see you Saturday! and plan to blog tomorrow about the beginning of my new budget! ahhh

Amy Lynn said...

Yay! and yeah, I use bloglines too... so thats probably why I havent commented on any of your blogs. I am going to attempt to do that more... attempt being the key word. :)

Danny104 said...

Point noted. I concur.

jamie b said...

Zac looked soooo cute last night! :) I wish we could have talked with you longer, but you were a little cornered! haha!

Amy Lynn said...

Jamie- yeah... we wish we could have seen you guys for longer too... but we didnt stop getting stampeeded by everyone! good grief!

We will have to do something together soon :)

jamie b said...

yes! let's do! :) maybe one day next week? i'll email you and we'll make a plan.