Monday, October 01, 2007

Mommy Necklace

As everyone already knows, my husband is the absolute greatest. I probably don't have to go down the list of all the house work and cooking that he does for me. And now he helps out a TON with baby Zac. But he apparently felt the need to one up himself as he shows his greatness once again. I found this on my pillow after we came home from the hospital. Meet my mommy necklace. Isn't it beautiful??? I LOVE it. He does the greatest job picking out jewelry. :)
So I have a mommy ring and a mommy necklace. All that's left is a mommy bracelet and mommy earrings! (And mark my word, we will be waiting a while to receive those)


Dee said...

It's gorgeous! You hubby rocks!

jamie b said...

It is beautiful! How awesome to have a husband that spoils you! :)

Amy Lynn said...

Yeah- I will take the spoiling any day!! :)