Monday, October 01, 2007

Bath Time!

I know all I have been doing is posting pictures of my kid... But I just cant get over how cute he is! So I apologize for the lack of substance in my blogs lately. But I am obsessed with pictures.

So here is my baby getting ready to take a sponge bath.
(we conquer the actual bathtub next week.)

(he needs to grow into his towel)

And the after shot. He isn't a fan of being naked.

by the way... I am obsessed with adorable hooded towels. So you will probably be seeing a lot more pictures of future bath events.


Dee said...

Yes, I too love hooded towels...they make great capes when they get older and want to fly around the house. :)

jamie b said...

Girl! When your whole life is revolving around taking care of your little one we can't expect much more than pictures and stories about your little man! :) i love it!

He's growing fast and it won't be long before he can't fit in that towel!

I love Dee's comment about capes! Sounds like fun.

Amy Lynn said...

No kidding! I am looking forward to cape flying! but not rushing the whole walking/talking thing... *shudder*

Hayley. said...

what a cute little man!! :)