Monday, July 09, 2007


So here is our bedding that we have registered for. We are doing the nursery in a safari type theme... the colors we have painted the nursery are khaki and green. It looks good, but we have to add our finishing touches (which could take weeks)... so once we are done I will post pictures. But for now, here is our bedding set. And there are a ton of cute accents that can be bought... like a lamp, window valence, hamper, sheets, and wall decorations. So go to and buy us all of that stuff! :)


Hayley. said...

I love will be super cute! Little ZAC is gonna have fun in there.

And is there going to be a guest bed for me? I want safari bedding! :)

TWL said...

Looks great. The safari theme was a great idea.

tammi said...

so cute!
And when you're done getting your nursery in pristine condition, ready and waiting for baby Titus to arrive, you can come over and finish mine!

Amy Lynn said...

Hayley- there is a guest futon... does that count? but it doesnt have safari- we will have to work on that.
E- Thanks!!! I am loving the safari theme
Tammi- heck, the way your going I may have baby Titus before you have baby Nowack. ;)

Jamie Baker said...

I love the safari theme and the bedding! CUTENESS!

Anonymous said...

I am coming to see little Tyler tomorrow and Camryn asks every day if you have had your baby yet. I told her not yet and that when you do I promised her we would come see him. She misses you.
Thanks for being so sweet to her.
By the way your nursery is adorable.

Amy Lynn said...

Ginny- If you have the kids with you when you come give me a call!! I would love to see my camryn! and yes, you will definately have to come see my baby when he comes. Only 3 more months!! :)

I hope everything is going wonderfully!