Sunday, December 31, 2006

North Carolina

As I mentioned in my previous blog (see below) Daniel and I went up to North Carolina with my family to visit my grandparents. (my Dad's mom and step dad) Unfortunately, it didn't snow this year... so that was a bummer. But we did have fun regardless for the no snow issue. My siblings had the wonderful idea of riding in a separate vehicle. (this ended up saving our sanity) So me, Daniel, Wesley, and Amanda rode in Amanda's Jeep while following my parents and Dustin.

It was a long, but fun 9 hour drive. Even though its a little hard to see, we did pass the Girls Gone Wild bus as we drove into the state of North Carolina... and it was because of moments like those that we were able to make it through a 9 hour drive.

The following pictures are a few shots I took during the trip. There was really nothing else to do in NC besides wander around the farm (yes, i said farm) and take pictures, so there are a ton of them. The first one is a picture of Amanda and my grandmothers key board. I thought it was adorable.

This is a random piece of farm equipment we found. It was extremely rusty and decrepit... so Amanda decided to risk her life climbing on it.

We all became extremely obsessed with these Magnetics toys. Daniel and Wesley made some pretty cool pyramids...

The following pictures are some pictures that Wesley and Amanda took on the farm, on the front porch, in the yard... or wherever the heck they could find places to take pictures. Ignore their expertise... it makes my pictures look bad. :)

We found a Teeter Totter! :)


tammi said...

cool pics. :) what better to save your sanity during family christmas time than Fun With A Camera??

I especially like the one of you and Daniel on the seesaw - do you see that it's totally bowing in the middle?? lol

Amy Lynn said...

yeah, right after that picture was taken it creaked and we heard a snap... we we hopped off and ran.

Anonymous said...

who the heck calls it a "teeter-totter" any more?!?!?

Danny104 said...

I knew you would put the pictures with actual peaople in them, so I didn't...haha

Casey, I was actually about to ask that as well.