Friday, April 11, 2008


You know those times when you think something is really, really funny and then you look back on it and you have no idea what was so funny about it?

Yeah. Well that happened to me last night. I had the urge to take this random picture, and I cant figure out why the heck I thought it was funny.

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Kevin Hogencamp said...

Hi Amy Lynn -- I bought the Albany Journal a couple of weeks ago, saw your Web blog, and invite you to submit some of your past or future journal entries as
guest columns in the newspaper.

Whether it's by publishing articles about parenting, your views on local politics, or your family photos, we are trying to pull the entire community together by getting a broad perspective of ideas, opinions and -- frankly -- people included in the newspaper.

I otherwise welcome your input on making the Journal a great community newspaper.


Kevin Hogencamp