Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Taking after Pops

Zachariah is balding. I know its "normal" for babies to loose hair on the back of their heads. It makes sense. All they do is lay around all day. But I am not liking this bald spot. He has the most beautiful hair all around it... and I don't want it to go away!

Complete head control cannot come soon enough.


tammi said...

Tyler has one too...although his is just sparse instead of completely bald. It's stubbly and weird.

They can be balding buddies. :)

In the Den said...

Let me calrify that I am not Pops, nor am I lossing my hair... yet.

Lazerwolf said...

And may I clarify that I AM Pops, AND that there is nothing wrong with balding. Obviously God feels the need to cover some of the more unsightly heads with hair. :-)

Hayley. said...

His hair growth pattern really does look a whole lot like Pop' least he doesn't have the island tho:)