Friday, December 14, 2007

Good News, Bad News

Good news:
Zachariah is following a sleeping schedule at last! (which means I am following a sleeping schedule also!)

Bad news:
Its from 11:00pm-10:30am - with 2 feedings in there somewhere. (which means I don't wake up for the day until 10:30 also!)

I need him to start going to sleep at 8 or 9:00pm and waking up at 8am. I cant get anything done around here when I am laying in the bed until 10:30.

This is going to be fun.


jamie b said...

I remember Bryan doing that. He'll eventually go to sleep earlier. I can't remember exactly when he started that schedule, but it will come. :) That is awesome he's on some kind of schedule now!! :)

Lazerwolf said...

Doesn't really matter - babies grow up to be teenagers - and then they never get on a decent schedule!! Oops. Didn't mean to be so cynical - it slips out every so often.
I'm sure your teenager(s) won't be anything like mine! :-)