Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Marshmallows Roasting on an Open Fire

I have had a major urge to eat roasted marshmallows. I LOVE to roast marshmallows and get them the really pretty brown color... then eat that coating off, then roast the rest of it. Last year I tried roasting marshmallows on one of the burners of our stove. It didn't work out too well.

So does anyone have a decent way to roast a marshmallow inside? I may have to resort to digging a fire pit in my kitchen floor.


Hayley. said...

go with an unscented candle...thats what we did in the dorm:)

Danny104 said...

why not just do it outside? on your screened-in porch or something? You could just use a grill or something.

Amy Lynn said...

we dont have a grill. and I am lazy. inside is much more convinient. hee hee

Jamie Baker said...

Amy Lynn---first of all, I love your blog! You have the best sense of humor! :)

Second, they have an indoor marshmellow roaster at target. Matt got one for christmas and we've never used it. If it's still in the closet you are MORE than welcome to use it as long as you want! :)

Hope you're feeling good! Can't wait to see your baby belly again!

Amy Lynn said...

OO Jamie you are an angel sent from above! I will definately be emailing you soon about that! :)