Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boy Oh Boy!

As most of you know, Steve was the winner of my prediction game!!! For Steve's prize we have decided to name our little boy after him. So in September you will be able to meet baby Steve-o Titus.

Ok really... I cant come up with a freakin name. I have two I am debating between... I just cant find the perfect middle name for one of them. If I could come up with a perfect middle name to go with the first name I like I would be sold. But thats another post for another time. Give me another week and then I will be coming to you asking suggestions for that name. sheesh. how pitiful am I?

So, Daniel was a massive party pooper tonight. I woke up from my first shift of sleeping (7:30-10:30ish) and soon after that Daniel comes to bed in hopes of sleeping. But goodness knows I am wide awake now... so I expect him to actually carry on a conversation with me for a little bit... but noooo. He becomes cranky butt and actually goes to sleep. Sheesh. What is the world coming to? So that leaves me here, to ramble on, and on, and on...

ok. I am off to go check my Myspace and Facebook accounts. (yet again, pitiful)


Danny104 said...

sad, so sad....haha, we need to have a movie night sometime soon!

In the Den said...

1) Her second choice on the name is my fist choice.

2) It wasn't 10:30; it was 12:30, and I worked the next morning.

3) Hey yeah, we do need to have a movie night.