Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Yesterday, during his "nap", Zachariah hurt his toe. I don't exactly know how he hurt it, but from what I can piece together he kicked his bookshelf while attempting to kick a book. Why he was trying to kick a book when he was supposed to be in his bed asleep, I will never know. Regardless of the reason, he kicked something and I am pretty sure the toe is jammed. Or broken. But it hasn't turned black and blue so I think it is just jammed. It is definitely swollen and it is obviously bothering him to walk on it though.

After dinner I turned on the tv and put him on the couch. I spent the next half hour trying to prop his foot on some pillows, giving him medicine to help the pain, icing his toe (which did NOT go over well), re-propping his foot on the pillows, attempting to tape his toe but realizing that is not a battle worth winning at that moment and putting a band-aid on his foot because, lets face it, band-aids make everything better. Oh, and re-propping his foot again.

My poor kid was hurt and I couldn't completely fix it. He was emotional and tired of me messing with him and his foot and I was getting emotional because I didn't know what to do to help him. I was drained. I sat down on the couch and started to pout. I was this close to giving myself a pity party too. Wanna know what stopped me? Zachariah all of a sudden stopped watching tv and said to me (in the most sincere voice I have ever heard), "Thank you for making me all better."

I almost balled my eyes out right then and there. I know I wasn't able to take away any of the pain, but he was thanking me anyway. I didn't miraculously heal him. I didn't actually "make him all better", but I made him feel better. And that just made me so happy.

Words cannot explain how it feels to be appreciated by your toddler. My husband is very good about showing his appreciation for the things that I do. He is constantly praising me or thanking me. But to hear a two year old thank me for doing my regular scheduled motherly duties? Man. That is just something else right there.

Ok. I know I am babbling now, and for that I apologize. I have read one to many tear jerker blogs posts today, so I am a bit on the sentimental/emotional side. Everything should be back to normal tomorrow. But let me just close by saying that I love my sweet little boy. He seriously makes my world go round. :)


Anonymous said...

I love this story. He is a sweet heart. And it is obvious that he loves his mommy dearly. Daddy too of course.


Anonymous said...

You made me tear up! This mommy loves seeing her girl grow into a terrific mommy!