Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Recently I have put together a photo album of Zachariah. In it I have put two pictures of him from every week since he has been born. Its a really quick way to see how fast he is growing up. Luckily it has been really easy to get two pictures a week that I love! I usually have a hard time deciding on just two to put in the album. But this week has been a nightmare. I have tried for 6 days now to get just 2 pictures. I am not a photographer, so I have come to accept that my pictures are not going to be magnificent. So it shouldn't be hard to get 2 pictures of my son, right? They don't have to be glamorous. They don't have to be stunning or adorable. I do not expect them to be the best pictures of his short little life so far. But I just want two pictures that aren't blurry. That's it. If he will just hold still for one moment that would be perfect. But I have had no such luck. I have taken over 20 pictures this week and I have NOTHING to show for it.

Does anyone have a picture of your kid that I can borrow for this week's entry in the photo album?


amy said...

What a great idea! So what if you don't get any pics that you are crazy about this week. Just cheat and put in four next week! 10 years from now you'll never know!
Hey...if you happen to have any digital video clips, check out this link. It would make great g'parent gifts!!

tammi said...

Take one of him while he's sleeping. :)

Amy Lynn said...

Amy- That flip book is awsome! What a great idea!

Tammi- *slaps head* Why didnt I think of that? I will definitely have to try and sneak in witht he camera during his nap.