Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Reader I am Not

I used to read ALL the time. I couldn't put a good book down once I started. So it was not uncommon for me to read a couple books in a week. Ever since I graduated high school (4 long years ago) I have just stopped reading books. It doesn't really interest me anymore. My husband on the other hand reads like crazy. He has a whole bookcase full of books that he says I will love... And I am sure I will. I just don't want to read them.

All that to say, Daniel bought the book Sex God by Rob Bell. I have read the first chapter and I could probably write 5 different blogs on that one chapter alone. It was great. The book is amazing. And let me remind you, I have only read one chapter.

School is out in 5 weeks. So I am sure you will be hearing more from me about Rob Bell after that. Until then, let me just say, I love this book.


In the Den said...

Some of you are probably looking at the title of the book with much curiosity.

Yes, Rob Bell wrote a biography on me.

Danny104 said...

wow, YOU know Rob Bell? or rather Rob Bell knows YOU? haha. I still want to read Velvet Elvis before I read Sex God, but I don't have as much free time as I would like to read. I am with Amy, I used to read like crazy, the entire Lord of the Rings saga like twice a year, haha. (thats as least 7 large books for those who don't know)

Amy Lynn said...

Daniel- oh good heavens. oops, am I allowed to say that on here?
my bad.
wesley- i havent read velvit elvis yet, but I hear its really good. Greg is borrowing our copy, but when he is done you can borrow it!

Amy said...

Anyone hear from Tammi lately? Tammi doesn't comment anymore?
Tammi, where are you?
If you see her, tell her I'm looking for her...thanks!

It's too bad our lives get too busy to read as much anymore...but that's life. I used to read constantly, now I'll still start 2-3 books at the same time, but then they'll sit for 2-3 months without being touched. Then, I lose track of where I was :0)

Amy Lynn said...

You know, I sure havent seen Tammi lately. Oh Tammi!!! Where are you??? sheesh. When you think you know someone...