Thursday, March 08, 2007


My food cravings have been kindof odd. I havent craved a lot of weird foods. I have been craving one type of food and I will crave it and eat it for a week straight. Then I will move onto another type of food. A couple weeks ago all I ate was Ravioli. Then it was Mac n Cheese. Last week it was mashed potatoes. Now its Zaxby's. This has been my favorite. (This ha been our budgets least favorite)

So what if our electricity gets cut off this month? At least I have Zaxby's.


tammi said...

elw. What is it with you southerners and your affinity for chicken?? Like Chik Fil A - a chicken bisquit for BREAKFAST?? Revolting.

Anyway, I guess Zaxby's is ok. I've only been there twice but it was pretty yummy.
I crave Dr. Pepper :)

tammi said...

And sausage/egg/cheese croissanwhiches from Burger King.
yummmm.....i want one now.....

Amy Lynn said...

OOOOOOOOOOO. I crave those just about every day. Except I crave the bacon egg and cheese bsiquits. oh holy crap. i could live off those and be happy.