Wednesday, October 04, 2006

i have to stop reading tammi's blogs

I get on the computer in hopes of posting a decent blog. I am bored, so i figure it wont be hard to just write decently and then click the "publish post" button. But like an idiot, I read Tammi's blog before I started writing. I mean honestly, I cant write after reading Tammi's ultra cool story about her child pooping on the wall! I guess I will have to wait until I have kids to write nifty-ly. (i think i just made that a word) anyway, I am off to the Howell household to eat dinner. my hubby is out of town... therefore Amy Lynn doesnt eat, because Amy Lynn doesnt cook, because Amy Lynn is lazy. Its a sad, sad world I live in.

Ta Ta for now


Steve said...

Amy Lynn,

Kudos to you on two levels:

1) I love when you add -ly to any word and make a new just works so well and is so much fun

2) You spoke of yourself in 3rd person. Steve loves when people do that.

Anyways - good fun and kids do make for the best stories, but you should already know that Miss K-3 (or K-4 - I apologize for not knowing you better...can you comment on someone's blog when you don't know their actual teaching position? He he who knows...oh well) teacher. Have a good night

tammi said...

that post was awesome.

I mean awesomely. Just write what you know, you know? I don't know much so I'm resigned to telling gross stories about my children.

You know, grossly childrenly stories.

see you later. -ly

caseyp said...

Amy Lynn... I can sympathize with you.
I seem to have NOTHING in my life to write about compared to Tammi's stories.
I think she likes it that way...being the ONLY blogger with a cool & happening life!
(did I just say happening?!?!?!)
Just kidding...we both do a good job!

Brian said...

Amy Lynn Howell "Now I Am" Titus

It would be helpful to make Tammi's name a hyperlink to her website or put in a link to her website in your story so I could easily find out who this great story teller is.

Good start to your blog.

Your grass is looking better than mine.