Tuesday, September 26, 2006


My great friend Hayley took some pictures for us before we got married. So anyway, I wanted to show you some of them... they are all black and white. The other ones arent on the computer yet. I will be posting a few of my wedding pics sometime in the near future!


caseyp said...

So... I really like these pictures.
I liked them when Hayley first took them...and seeing them again made me remember how fun they were/are!

So...maybe I'll be the only person to ever comment on your blog, but that's okay because I like you!!!!!

Hope all is well, see you 2 on Thursday?!?

tammi said...

Nice pics. I like the last one best. :) Or the first one....or...nevermind. I can't choose.

See you tonight at book club? :)

Amy Lynn said...

Yeah, we will be there with bells on! :)